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Blu-ray™ Support

Below are a series of frequently asked questions about Blu-ray.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is Blu-ray™?
    Blu-ray™ is the best way to watch movies at home ever, providing the highest picture quality with up to 6X the resolution of a standard DVD. Plus, Blu-ray can provide up to 7.1 channels of high definition surround sound. Blu-ray players are backward compatible and will play all of your current DVDs.

    To learn more about Blu-ray™ features from Universal Studios, click HERE.
  2. What is Blu-ray 3D™?
    Now you can enjoy 3D movies from Universal Studios in the home! Only Blu-ray 3D™ offers the best 3D experience in full 1080p, giving you perfect hi-def picture and perfect hi-def sound!

    To learn more about Blu-ray 3D™ from Universal Studios, click HERE.
  3. What is BD-LIVE™?
    BD-LIVE™ allows you to get enjoy even more content, the latest trailers, up-to-date movie news, and more through your Internet-connected player.

    To learn more about BD-LIVE™ from Universal Studios, click HERE.
  4. What is Digital Copy and how do I get one?
    A Digital Copy is an extra copy of the movie you bought on Blu-ray™/DVD disc that enables you to download or stream your movie to a computer, mobile device, or Internet-connected TV, Blu-ray™ player or set top box.

    Just look for the words “DIGITAL COPY” on the front of the box and follow the simple instructions on the insert to redeem your offer. Then, you’ll be able to download your movie and transfer it to your iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch, or choose other available devices and services to enjoy your content anytime, anywhere!

    To learn more about Digital Copy from Universal Studios, click HERE.
  5. What is UltraViolet™ and how do I participate?
    UltraViolet™ is the online digital collection in the cloud that frees you to choose how and where you want to enjoy your movies and TV shows. This free service has been developed by a partnership of major studios, hardware partners, and technology companies. It's so easy to use, and won’t cost you anything extra.

    To get started, simply create an account in the upper right corner or sign in to an existing Universal account and then select Manage Account. We’ll help you get set up with a free account and link it to the UltraViolet™ service. Then look for titles with the UltraViolet™ logo and follow the instructions inside the packaging to redeem and access these movies and TV products in your collection. It’s that simple.

    To learn more about UltraViolet™ click HERE.
  6. What is the pocket BLU™ app?
    pocket BLU is the perfect companion app for your Blu-ray™ movie watching experience. Enjoy the advanced remote control with a timeline of the movie, download content to your phone to take on the go, transfer a Digital Copy of select films, and more! The popular FREE app for smartphones is now even better with newly updated versions for iPad®, Android™ tablets, PC and Macintosh® computers with even more features like Universal’s Second Screen, an interactive viewing experience that lets you control, interact with and explore the movie with your networked tablet or computer.

    To learn more about pocket BLU, click HERE, or get started today by downloading the app from the official website ( or look for it in your device’s app store.

    * Not all features available on all titles
  7. What happened to the My Hi-Def section?
    We recently made some changes to our site, which removed the Member-Only section called My Hi-Def. With that change, we have also discontinued support for some of our older Blu-ray™ / BD-LIVE™ features, such as My Commentary, My Buddies, My Chat, and social BLU. We regret any inconvenience.

    Please check out our Experience Blu-ray section to see the latest Blu-ray features we have to offer.
  8. Help, I have more questions!
    Click on the support link and follow the instructions.
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