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UltraViolet™ Support

UltraViolet™ was created to extend your enjoyment of Blu-ray™ disc purchases, enabling you to stream and download your favorite movies and TV shows to any computer or UltraViolet-enabled device.

Below are a series of frequently asked questions about UltraViolet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is a UltraViolet™ and how do I participate?
    UltraViolet™ is an all-new way to collect, access, and enjoy your movies and TV shows in the cloud. The cloud stores the content that you own in an online library, allowing you to instantly stream and download to tablets, smartphones, computers, and TVs. So now, you have the freedom to enjoy your entertainment anytime, anywhere!
    Just look for the UltraViolet™ logo whenever you buy movies and TV shows on Blu-ray, DVD, or Digital Download. Then, follow the instructions included with the product to set up your free UltraViolet™ account.
  2. Who owns UltraViolet™?
    UltraViolet™ was developed by a partnership between major studios, hardware manufacturers, technology companies, and retailers. With UltraViolet™, you have the freedom to link your account to a wide variety of devices, brands, and stores. Then, you can collect, access, and enjoy your movies and TV shows all in one convenient system.
  3. What is the difference between UltraViolet™ and digital copy?
    With Digital Copy, you can choose one retailer to redeem your content, and watch on any device or apps supported by that retailer. With UltraViolet™, you put your movies and TV shows in the cloud to collect, access, and enjoy across a variety of devices, brands, and stores.
  4. What accounts do I set up to view UltraViolet™ movies?
    To view and build your UltraViolet™ collection, you’ll create accounts with:
    1. UltraViolet™. One free UltraViolet™ account keeps track of your entire library. You can manage your UltraViolet account at
    2. UltraViolet™ providers. UltraViolet™ providers include movie studios and retailers that allow you to redeem, purchase, and/or play back UltraViolet™ content. When you sign up for these services, be sure to link your existing UltraViolet™ account. If you don’t have an existing UltraViolet™ account, you’ll be given steps to create a new account quickly and easily.
  5. How do I set up my UltraViolet™ Account with Universal?
    You can create an UltraViolet™ account either through the Universal Hi-Def website or directly on the UltraViolet™ website.
    Via the Universal Hi-Def website:
    1. Sign in or create your Universal account, click “My Account” and follow the prompts to create your UltraViolet™ account; OR
    2. Redeem an UltraViolet™-enabled title:
      1. Follow the instructions found in the package insert (if DVD/Blu-ray) and the redemption screen prompts.
      2. If your Universal account is not yet linked to an UltraViolet™ account, you will be prompted to create and link an UltraViolet™ account to your Universal account. Once this is done, you can complete the movie redemption process.
    Via the UltraViolet™ website: Go to,click “Sign Up” and follow the prompts.
  6. Why must I link my UltraViolet™ account with my retailer accounts?
    Linking your retailer accounts with your UltraViolet™ account allows you to automatically synchronize all the UltraViolet™ content you collect and buy – regardless of the retailer or provider – to one place on the cloud: your UltraViolet™ collection. What does this give you?
    1. Peace of mind knowing your content is safe and secure – synching takes place automatically and immediately
    2. Access to your collection through any computer, UltraViolet™-compatible device, or UltraViolet™ retailer app anytime, anywhere
  7. How do I link my UltraViolet™ account with my retailer accounts?
    1. When you sign up with a movie studio or retailer, you will be prompted to sign in to your existing UltraViolet™ account. (If you don’t have an existing UltraViolet™ account, you’ll be given the opportunity to create a new one.)
    2. When signing in, confirm the “Remember Me” box is checked if you don’t want to sign in each time you want to redeem or watch your movies or TV shows.
    3. Once this is complete, you will be signed in and able to add titles or access titles in your UltraViolet™ collection. Watch and enjoy!
  8. How do I create accounts with UltraViolet™ providers?
    If you attempt to redeem an UltraViolet™ title with an UltraViolet™ provider with whom you do not yet have an account, you will automatically be prompted to do so during the redemption process. Follow the simple steps to create your account and be sure to link your newly created account with your UltraViolet™ account.
  9. How do I manage my UltraViolet™ account?
    Your UltraViolet™ account safely and securely keeps a record of all the UltraViolet™ content that you have acquired. You can access your free UltraViolet™ account anytime by visiting From there, you can manage your UltraViolet™ username, password, linked services, and more.
  10. How do I buy UltraViolet™ titles?
    Buy UltraViolet™ titles by either of two ways:
    • Buying physical discs bearing the UltraViolet™ logo, which will include an authorization code that allows you to redeem and access your UltraViolet™copy online.
    • Buying UltraViolet™ movies online, directly from participating online retailers.
  11. How do I redeem an UltraViolet™ title included in my physical disc?
    1. Refer to package insert for the authorization code, web address and instructions to redeem your UltraViolet™ copy online.
    2. When on the Universal website, select the retailer with whom you wish to build your UltraViolet™ collection. Note: you may choose any retailer you wish. Your movies and TV shows will be accessible from all retailers that you’ve linked to your UltraViolet™ account, as long as the retailer carries the content.
    3. When prompted, enter the authorization code found on the package insert.
    4. Once redeemed, the title will be automatically added into your UltraViolet™ collection and ready for immediate viewing.
  12. Where do I find my UltraViolet™ redemption code?
    Refer to the insert included in specially marked Blu-ray™ Disc packages. In some cases, your redemption code can be used to redeem both your Digital Copy and UltraViolet™.
  13. How do I buy an UltraViolet™ copy from an UltraViolet™ retailer?
    1. Browse the collection of titles being sold by the retailer. UltraViolet™ copies are available for sale on titles bearing the UltraViolet™ logo.
    2. Select your title of choice and follow the prompts to purchase your UltraViolet™ copy.
    3. Once purchased, the title will be automatically added into your UltraViolet™ collection and ready for immediate viewing.
  14. Which retailers sell movies and TV shows with UltraViolet™?
    UltraViolet™ movies and TV shows are available from a growing number of retailers, on both physical discs and on digital-only purchases. Look for the UltraViolet™ logo when you buy Blu-ray discs, DVDs, and Digital Downloads.
  15. Can I add DVD and Blu-ray movies that I already own into my UltraViolet collection?
    Yes. Look for retailers that offer the “Disc-to-Digital” service. With this service, you can bring your discs into participating stores and have them added to your UltraViolet™ collection.
  16. How do I access my UltraViolet™ movies and TV shows on
    Sign in and then select My Collection from the UltraViolet™ tab and you will see the titles in your collection. Simply click and watch.
  17. Why are some of my movies or TV shows greyed out?
    If a title is greyed out, it simply means that it isn’t available for streaming or download on our site. The title, however, remains in your collection and is accessible from the retailer where you acquired it originally. You can also access many of the movies at retailers such as Flixster or VUDU.
  18. Do I stream or download UltraViolet™ content?
    UltraViolet™ gives you the flexibility to do both.
    • Streaming requires an Internet connection.
    • Downloading allows you to view content on the go, without the need of an Internet connection (however Internet is required to initially download the file onto your device or computer).
  19. Do I need to be connected to the Internet to watch my UltraViolet™ collection? How do I download
              UltraViolet™ content to my computer, tablet, or smartphone?
    You can watch downloaded content even when you are not connected to the Internet. There are a variety of apps and websites that allow you to do this.
  20. Why can’t I access My Collection under the UltraViolet™ tab?
    You are most likely not signed in to the site. Please click “Sign In” in the upper right corner.
  21. What devices can I watch my UltraViolet™ movies on?
    View your UltraViolet™ movies on any of these devices:
    • Smartphone: iPhone, Android
    • Tablet: iPad, Android, Kindle Fire
    • Computer: PC and Mac
    • TV: Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, Google TV, and game consoles
  22. UltraViolet™ Minimum Requirements & Support
    Browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3.6+, Chrome 3+, Safari 4.0+.
    Operating systems: Microsoft Windows XP SP3+/Vista/7, Mac OS X
  23. Help, I have more questions!
    Click on the support link and follow the instructions.

Watch in HD

DIGITAL HD with UltraViolet™ lets you instantly stream and download anywhere on your favorite devices,
including many options in HD! Read below to learn more about HD playback and other ways to watch.


*Need help finding your UltraViolet™ username and password? Want to merge multiple UltraViolet™ accounts into one?
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